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Qliner HotKeys 2.0

6, Aug 2006


Qliner hotkeys is a free and open source keyboard productivity environment. It is the first product of it’s kind that is usable by computer geeks and non geeks alike.

Hotkeys builds on the concept of Windows shortcut keys but takes this concept to a whole new level. Do you think key combinations are hard to remember? Just hold the Windows key for three seconds and up pops a Onscreen Keyboard with icons on the keys that are configured. This you can use, not only to remind you of hotkey combinations, but also for Drag and Drop Configuration.


Key features
– Smart Application Launching
– Smart Application Instance Switching
– Drag and Drop Configuration using an Onscreen Keyboard
– Support for 100+ International Keyboards (making it a handy tool for international keyboard users).
– Support for Dvorak keyboards
– Support for laptop or other Keyboard layouts.
– Volume Control tool
– Clock tool
– Optionally maps Caps Lock key to Window key (handy if your keyboard does not have a Windows key or if you just hate the default behavior of Caps Lock)

For more information and to download the Hotkeys version 2.0 …