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The X-Mini Capsule Speakers have made us completely blown away by the absolutely astounding sound quality and volume that they are able to produce despite their small size. When people first see and hear the X-mini they simply cannot believe that what they are hearing is emanating from a handy pocket sized unit…

Retaining all of the best features from the groundbreaking first generation unit the second generation comes with a number of innovations that combine to create a greater audio experience for the user. The first and most recognizable difference with the X-Mini II is that it’s slightly larger than the original model. The X-Mini II now boasts a 40mm driver that delivers an even richer and fuller sound. The X-Mini II now boasts an improved battery life a staggering 11 hours of continuous playback from just one charge. A brand new feature to the X-Mini II is the Buddy Jack system. This allows you to connect one X-Mini II to another and another and… well you get the picture. Capable of forming a near endless Daisy Chain. Combine your X-Mini II with your friend’s for quite simply jaw dropping audio! The refinement of the original X-Mini continues with the inclusion of an inbuilt 3.5mm audio connection cable. No more running the risk of forgetting to pack the charging/connection lead when you leave… the connection cable is always in reach. The audio cable neatly slips away underneath the speaker when not in use.

The fun just doubles and even triples when you connect two or even three of these small, but very powerful speakers to each other in a chain… and you can go on connecting more and more. You can see three of the XMI X-mini II speakers connected in the video above, but they are much more impressive when you see them live. And of course these are great as a gift that your friends will like for sure, especially if they like to listen music from any kind of mobile device like a mobile phone or MP3 player.

The price of a single XMI X-Mini II speaker is just $28.99 USD.

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Meet the new I-Dog Soft Speaker – the snuggly, squeezable pooch that loves to get down to your music. After the big success that was the first plastic version of the I-Dog speakers and the later smaller mini versions now we also have a new plush model…



The new I-Dog soft speaker version is available in white, blue or pink so you can pick the one that best suit your taste or even have them all if you want to. The new I-Dog basically has the same functionality as the previous model meaning you can either plug your MP3 player, cell phone or any other device that outputs music or audio directly in the dog. This way your I-Dog becomes just like a portable speaker playing the music pretty loud for it’s size with very decent quality, but the dog speaker is much cuter than your average portable speaker. The other mode, which is more fun is to place the dog near an audio source and touch his nose, then using it’s built-in microphone the dog will pick up the rhythm of the music and start dancing and flashing in may different ways, but according to the music you are playing.

The new iDogs are available in white, blue or pink for $34.99.

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And when you just thought that the Hello Kitty invasion has ended and there is nothing new that can be made into a kawaii kitty-related product you get the Hello Kitty Action DJ Speaker. Having a Hello Kitty in a DJ booth with a pretty decent speaker below it is just what you don’t need, but can’t resist having in your themed collection of Hello Kitty related stuff. You get a single speaker, but you may pair a two of them to get stereo sound and the best part is that the kitty actually moves to the sound of the beat the speaker produces. Or actually the Hello Kitty is just moving it’s head back and forth, but that is also quite ok…


The cute Hello Kitty speaker is available in pink and black colors and that is pretty much the only difference between the two versions. Each speaker has its own 3,5mm audio input which can be used to plug in your MP3 player or mobile phone for instance or just about any audio producing device that has an output that you can plug in the speaker. The speakers have no audio amplifier built-in them, so they don’t need any additional power, however you’ll still need to put one 1,5V AA size battery in order to have the Hello Kitty move it’s head. Ok, we all know we need to grow up at last, but we just don’t want to… 😉

A single Hello Kitty speaker will cost you $24.99.

Isn’t it about time to get Hello Kittyfied with this item?