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If you still have one of the first generation iPhone mobile phones or an iPod touch there was no way that you could get a GPS module for your device, unlike the lucky owners of the new iPhone 3G devices, at least until now. A company called Orange Gadgets started accepting pre-orders for their external GPS module for iPhone and iPod touch claiming they’ll start shipping the first devices in just a few days (10/22/2008). You’ll have to prepare $75 for the external GPS device and have in mind that in order to take advantage of it you’ll have to jailbreak your phone or music player, because of the software that accompanies it.


The iGPS360 module is designed as a direct plug-in for your device and it has a built-in battery back-up which will store the last acquired GPS satellite information on-board, enabling a fast GPS-lock re-acquisition time after the module has temporarily been switched off. You can always charge the built-in battery trough an external USB port on the GPS and you should have in mind that the GPS won’t drain power from your iPhone or iPod in order to charge it’s internal backup battery which is one of the trades that you want on a good gps trackers of your choice.

You will need to install a GPS application on your iPhone or iPod Touch that can access the iGPS360 module, because Orange Gadgets ships you only the hardware module and not the software. Luckily there are a few good apps out there that will do the job well and the best software that currently works with the module is the xGPS software developed by xWaves. You can alternatively use Simba’s or RoadMap, but these work only on 1.x firmwares and not with the newer 2.x ones.

The price of the iGPS360 is $75 and it is expected to start shipping on october 22th.

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Think about the last place you traveled to. Do you want to know exactly where all your pictures were taken? Take the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr with you on your next trip! Utilizing the included mapping software and latest Geo-Mapping technology,the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr allows you to record and review your trip knowing exactly where you have traveled. Furthermore, if you took pictures on your trip, it will even show you the exact location and time of your pictures.


The most exciting feature of all is that you can upload your photos to Flickr online. It’s a cool way to share your trip experience with friends and families. Make your next trip special; don’t let your trip gone by without precise location info. There is no subscription and no monthly fee.

Hardware Specifications
– Operation Time: 22 hours in continuous mode; Stand-by Mode: 2000 hours; Charging Time: 3 hours
– 16 channels satellite tracking
– Cold/Warm/Hot start time: 45/38/6 seconds (on average)
– Superior sensitivity: -152dBm tracking
– Update Rate: 1 Hz (max)
– Built-in rechargeable 1100mAh Li-ion battery
– Support standard NMEA-0183 at 38400 bps baud rate
– 4MB flash memory for data logging, with 16 bytes binary data per record that stores up to 250K
– Logging data interval programmable: by time (1 second ~ 30 mins) or distance (2 ~ 65535 meters)
– Data tag (start, stop) can be set by user, maximum 250 sections
– Support G-mouse function via USB cable
– Vibration sensor for power management (auto power on / off)
– Dimension: 3.05 (L) x 1.82 (W) x 0.89 (H) inch
– Weight: 68g including battery
– Accuracy: Position: 5m CEP (50%); 9m (90%); Velocity: 0.1m/sec, without SA; Time: +/- 100ns synchronized to GPS time
– Chipset: NEMERIX
– Frequency: L1, 1575.42MHz
– C/A Code: 1.023MHz chip rate
– Channels: Support 16 Channels
– Antenna (internal): Built-in low noise patch antenna; External MMCX antenna port
– Color: Black

The GPS PhotoTrackr for Digital Cameras is priced at $99.99.

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RoamEO for Pets

8, Sep 2006


The RoamEO Location System is designed for pet owners to quickly and accurately locate their pets by using state-of-the art GPS technology. RoamEO displays the concise, easy to read information on a color LCD screen that allows you to locate your pet and shows you his current movements.

Each RoamEO system consists of a portable, handheld device that displays information received from the GPS-enabled collar on your dog. The handheld device uses a color LCD to show the location, direction and velocity of your pet. RoamEO is designed to update readings every few seconds, giving you a continuous stream of real-time information.

RoamEO uses an ordinary collar that is equipped with GPS technology. Just snap the collar on your dog, turn it on, and RoamEO is operational. The RoamEO handheld unit can track up to three dogs simultaneously. A collar is required for each dog.

RoamEO has been designed so that you can set up a GPS Fence. RoamEO uses GPS coordinates that you establish by walking the perimeter of your desired fence, and commits them to memory. If your pet exits this perimeter, an audible alarm will sound. For example, you may wish to establish your property line as the perimeter for your pet. After setting up your fence, this information would be stored in your system and if your dog wanders off your property, the alarm will sound. Because this boundary is electronic, you can erase and create new ones as often as you like, giving you the flexibility for any situation or condition.

RoamEO uses rechargeable batteries in both the handheld unit and the collar, so there is no need to purchase batteries for your system. The AC adapters are provided.

The price of a complete RoamEO kit is $459.00 (includes only one collar), adiditional collars are available for $149 each.

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