Who Tall Are You Mirror

28 May

Now that’s a nice idea, a mirror with a printed chart with the names and height of a lot of famous people on it – actors, athletes, singers… With the idea behind the product being that you can easily measure how tall are you and at the same time see which celebrity’s height matches yours or which ones are shorter and taller than you. So what are you waiting for get this cool mirror and start measuring your height on a daily basis, no that there is need for that, but it is still cool. You should also know that this mirror is a real attention grabber, when you have guests at home they’ll surely what to measure who tall are they.

Among the tallest ones in the mirror (190-200cm) you’ll find names such as the actor Dolph Lundgren, the former basketball player Michel Jordan, David Hasselhoff or John Cleese. You’ll probably be amazed that even Abraham Lincoln was quite tall, as is Clint Eastwood and even the rapper Snoop Dogg is over 190 centimeters. Or did you know that Sheryl Crow, Sarah M Gellar, Chrisitina Aguilera, Danni & Kylie Minogue and even Dolly Parton all fall below 160 cm. The who tall are you mirror starts from 141 cm and goes to the 200 cm mark and those 50 centimeters hold a lot of names, most of which you’ve heard a lot and surely will know…

Unfortunately the mirror is a bit expensive at $118.70, and the shipping and handling might also be a problem.

If you want to get one of these fun mirrors anyway…

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