WiinRemote – Wii Remote on your PC

17 Feb


Did you know that the remote control (WiiMote or WiiRemote) of Nintendo Wii console can easily be connected to your PC thanks to the bluetooth interface it uses to communicate with the console? Wait, but there is more, not only you can connect the remote to the PC, but you can as well control the computer with the WiiMote. With the help of the WiinRemote program (free and even with the source code available) you can configure the remote to be used in any way you like, not only for moving the mouse cursor, but using every available button on the remote for different functions. The good thing is that you can use either the accelerometers built in the Wii remote to move the mouse cursor (less accurate) or the infrared camera for more accurate control (you’ll need a sensor bar for this). WiinRemote is a great application to start using the WiiMote on your PC, but for more advanced flexibility you shouldn’t rely on this program, but try something like GlovePIE for instance. The GlovePIE uses a simple scripting system that is easy to learn and gives you quite a lot of power in handling the way the Wii-mote is being used…

If you want to learn more on how to use the WiinRemote…

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