8-Bit Dynamic Life T-Shirts for Pairs

22 Feb


Ok, it is a bit late for Valentine’s Day gifts, but these 8-bit dynamic life t-shirts don’t need any special occasion. The shirts have built-in flexible display that is able to light up in the form of 2 and a half or six red hearts. The idea behind the use of two of these shirts is that when the two of them are close to each other (less than 5 meters) the displays on both will light all of the six red hearts. And when the shirts are more far apart only two and a half of the hearts are being lit, showing that you are not happy being away form that special someone (your girlfriend / boyfriend or anything else). The technology behind the built in functionality in the shirts is based on proximity transmission/detection radio frequency or in other words some cool tech that lets you know when the t-shirts are close by. So don’t wait anymore for the next Valentine’s Day, because showing your affection to that special someone is not something you should have a special occasion to do…

You can get a pair of the these cool t-shirts for $49.98.

If you want to buy an 8-Bit Dynamic Life T-Shirts for Pairs…

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