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Now the Wii can look fun as well as play fun with this Chrome replacement case development especially for the mighty popular Nintendo Wii console. I-Case is a complete, high quality and colorful replacement shell for the Wii. It’s perfect for those gamers who want to inject their Wii with further healthy dose of fun and make their console stand out from the rest. Boasting a simple installation procedure, virtually anyone from young gamers to your Gran could install the I-Case! Besides the Chrome model, there are also a Crystal Blue and Black shells available.

The price of the Chrome I-Case for Nintendo Wii is about $38.

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Nintendo announced that it will release its “Wii” game console onto the Japanese market for ?’??25,000 on December 2, 2006. Satoshi Iwata, Nintendo’s President, announced this at the company’s “Wii Preview” event held at Makuhari Messe, Japan.

The Wii package includes one dedicated Wii Remote controller and one Nunchuck remote controller with additional controllers as options, including a classic controller. Compatible software to be released coincidentally with the Wii’s launch extends to 16 titles from 10 companies, including “Wii Sports” that has already drawn attention at demonstration at exhibitions and other events, “the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess,” which Iwata calls “the ultimate Zelda series title,” and “WarioWare: Smooth Moves” that allows users to experience and enjoy the Wii Remote controller’s unique operation through microgames. Compatible software is expected to increase to 27 titles from 14 companies, added with another 11 titles to be released within 2006.

Titles to be added later after the Wii’s debut include “Pokemon Battle Revolution,” the latest title from the popular Pokemon series that boasts accumulated global sales of 110 million titles. This title will be the Wii’s first Wi-Fi compatible software that enables players to enjoy battle with distant friends. The title can also be played in combination with the Nintendo DS wearing “Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) Diamond/Pearl.”

The official launch date of Wii
– in America is November 19th and the price is $250
– in Japan is December 2nd and the price is 25,000 yen
– in Europe is December 8th and the price is 249 euro

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