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Serenity Waterfall

7, Aug 2006


Bring peace of mind into your home with the Serenity Waterfall. According to the principles of Feng Shui, the waterfall is one of the best cures for ailments and for re-creating the natural elements of the universe, transforming hard energy into soft-flowing energy. In other words, the gentle sounds of running water relax and soothe the mind and body, allowing us to be more creative and productive. Plus, the therapeutic effects are numerous.

You’ve probably seen waterfalls in museums, art galleries, spas, hotels, your friends’ homes, and any place that promotes a relaxing environment. They’re impressive, attractive and calming. Now, you can own one of these low-maintenance works of art, too. It’s designed to complement any contemporary or traditional decor with its brushed stainless steel and white halogen ambient light. And, at nearly 61 inches high, it’s sure to become a focus of conversation. Create the mood and enter your inner self with the Serenity Waterfall. It will bring calmness, coolness and a peaceful, easy feeling to you and all who come in contact with it.

BTW the girl on the picture is not included with the waterfall… 😛

The price of the Serenity Waterfall is $199.95.

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