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Fossil Bluetooth Watch

29, Sep 2006


The Fossil Caller ID watch with Bluetooth technology keeps you connected in style by combining a vintage analog/digital watch design with Bluetooth Wireless technology. It notifies you when your phone rings with a discreet vibrating sensation and showing the caller’s name and/or number on the bright OLED display. When an SMS/text message is received the watch will vibrate and the text alert icon will appear. You can mute the phone’s ringer or reject a call by simply pushing a button on the watch.

Fossil Bluetooth Features
– 2-hand analog time keeping
– Call notification with Caller ID
– Text message notification
– Vibrating alert
– Bright OLED display
– Simple 2-button operation
– Recharge through USB or universal AC adapter

Fossil Bluetooth Specifications
– Stainless steel case
– Water resistant to 3 ATM
– Mineral glass watch crystal
– Bluetooth 2.0 compatible
– 96×16 pixel OLED display
– 5-7 days active battery life
– Power save function
– 120-240V AC adapter with 5V DC Output

The Fossil Bluetooth Watch is availabe for pre-order for an early November delivery with a price of $249.

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Stonehenge Watch

29, Sep 2006


Stonehenge is certainly surrounded by mystery concerning why it was built and by whom. Druids, aliens, Merlin, the devil – heck, we don’t know – probably built by some ancient ancestors of modern geeks. You can now harness the power of the sun and the stones by using the Stonehenge Watch. Just position the watch using the accompanying high viscosity compass to tell local apparent time just as the builders of Stonehenge did thousands of years ago. Prove the accuracy of both The Stonehenge Watch and your mastery of its power by confirming your calculation of the time by reference to the analog watch that is set into the reverse side of the watch case. The Stonehenge Watch allows you to predict the exact moment of the winter and summer solstices.


The Stonehenge Watch is being sold for $39.99

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Are you a fan of devices that look like one thing but have several hidden talents? The MacGyver 512MB MP3 Watch may appear to be a simple timepiece, but it’s actually an MP3 player, voice recorder, and USB thumb drive in one!

With its 512 MB storage capacity, you’ll have ample room on the device for up to 40 hours of your favorite tunes. Record notes on the go using the built-in microphone. Connect the watch to your computer using the included USB cable and download songs to the device using the included software. Because this watch can store files in .wav format, it can be used with almost any computer. The USB connection also charges the watch and is used for uploading your voice recordings or data from the flash drive.

You can listen to your music in MP3 and WMA formats, playing in sequence or random mode. Select an equalizer mode of Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classic, or Normal. An LED lights up your chosen mode. LEDs also indicate connection to your computer, power, and mode. Connect the included earbuds through the 2.5mm earphone jack.

Built-In Memory: 512 MB
Power: Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Recharging Time: 2 hours
Play Time: 7 hours on a full charge
Voice Recording Time: 40 hours
Music Play Time: WMA – 480 minutes; MP3 – 240 minutes
Operating Temperature:-5?’?° C to 50?’?° C
Earphone Output: 5 mW each
Frequency Response: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Compression Level: 32 Kbps ~ 320 Kbps

Currently the MacGyver 512MB MP3 Watch is $119.37

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