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Bacon Wallet

24, Aug 2006


Put some meat into your pocket with one of these intriguing bacon wallets. You thought people looked at you weird before? Wait until you see the looks you get from pulling a wad of bacon out of your jeans. And of course these aren’t made from a real bacon, it is just that the leather is made to look just like it is bacon… just don’t try eating it, OK? 😉

Each 4-1/4″ x 3-3/4″ faux leather wallet has plenty of pockets for your cold hard cash and credit cards. Yes – they are gross looking. But… you know that is the perfect gift for that weirdo in your life.

The price of the Bacon Wallet is $7.99

If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of these…


DIFRWEAR’s stylish RFID blocking wallets and passport cases are made of the finest quality leather and are built to last. They contain a layer of RF shielding that prevents RFID readers from reading any passive tags stored within. They have a convenient flap to allow easy “flip” access to RFID cards. To allow RFID devices to be read, simply open the wallet or the passport case and direct it towards the reader.


The RFID tags in identification cards have been shown to be insecure. Attackers are able to read and copy information stored on these tags to create copies they can use themselves! But with these wallets and passport cases you’ll have the ability to control when, how and by whom your cards are accessed.

The price of the RFID Blocking Wallet is $15 for the black and $16 for the pink and red models, the price of the passport case is $18 for the black and $19 for the red an tan models.

If you are interested in protected yourself by buying RFID blocking waller ot passport case…

Wallet Spanner

10, Aug 2006


Designed for the man of action…. the Wallet Spanner can go where you go, and with metric sizes from M6 to M14, you’ll be able to undo all sorts of things.

Engineered from chunky stainless steel, it is still neat enough to fit 007-style into your wallet. Shaken but not stirred.

The price of the Wallet Spanner is about $12.

To get more information about the Wallet Spanner…

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