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Do you still have a working Betamax, a 3.5″ floppy with Windows 3.0 and the original “Pet Rock”? Well then we would bet hard cash that you also have dozens of old records and tapes mouldering in a box in the basement. Liberate your old media into glorious digital technology with the InstantMusic Vinyl & Cassette Ripper. Simply hook up an old turntable or cassette deck to the InstantMusic and plug it in into an available USB port on your PC. The included software allows you to convert your music to MP3 files, or burn directly to CD. It even smartly detects the gaps between songs to divide that old Journey LP into individual MP3 files perfect for transfer to your newfangled iPod.

Please Note that in addition to the InstantMusic, you will need to provide your own turntable, cassette deck, or other audio device to record from!

The price of the InstantMusic Vinyl & Cassette Ripper is $49.99

To order yourself an InstantMusic Vinyl & Cassette Ripper…

Record Playing VW Van

6, Aug 2006


Quite probably the coolest item for anybody who takes collecting vinyl seriously. When you place the small VW camper van on a record and switch it on, it will drive around the record and play the music through the speaker built into the van’s roof. The only drawback is the quite high price of the device, but…

– Drives along vinyl grooves and plays records
– In-built speaker in the vans roof
– Ideal for when buying second hand records
– A highly collectible item
– Replaceable stylus
– Requires 9v battery (not included)
– Plays 33 rpm records only
– Available in red, blue, yellow, pink & white

The price of the Record Playing VW Van is about $103.

For more information about the Record Playing VW Van…

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