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USB Humping Dogs

19, Feb 2007


Another crazy Japanese product, a USB dog that is humping your laptop. And that’s it, they do nothing more and don’t serve any actual purpose, the USB Humping dogs are just some fun toys that can entertain you and your friends for a while. They also work as a great idea for a gift and are quite original too. Be aware that a Humping Dog is not a USB flash drive although it looks like one and plugs in a USB port. Currently there are five types of dogs you can choose from – boxer, beagle, husky, doberman and shiba.

USB Humping Dog is available in boxer and beagle version for $6.99 and husky, doberman and shiba for $9.99.

If you can’t resist getting one of these crazy USB dogs…



Why would you want to put your mobile HDD in a USB case that looks like a harddrive is beyond comprehension to most of the people, but every geek would love the idea. This case is for putting a mobile 2,5-inch disk and connecting it to your PC trough a USB cable (normally no additional power is needed).

The 2.5″ Hard Case Disk Case is available for about $25.

To buy yourself a 2,5-inch harddrive case that looks like a HDD…


Another weird Japanese design for a USB flash drive. This time it is in the form of a glowing in the dark squid, that actually looks pretty interesting. The only drawback is the capacity of only 512MB, but it is the design that matter, not the capacity… 😉


The 512MB iSquid USB flash drive is priced at about $82.

To order a 512MB iSquid USB Memory Disk…