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The Perfect Petzzz Alaskan Husky is a lifelike, “breathing”, handcrafted puppy toy designed to amuse, educate and comfort you and the best of all it is allowed everywhere… even in the office. Alaskan Huskies are very athletic dogs that like colder weather. They often have a curved sled dog tail and can be black, grey and white as well as red or brown. They can have blue or brown eyes, and sometimes one of each for an even more interesting combination. The ears are usually standing up, but in some cases they are laying down. The breed is popular in sled dog racing.

But if you are not into Huskies and would like another dog breed, or maybe not even a doglike one you can also go for another Perfect Petzzz toy – there are also a lot of cats that are just like the real ones, but only the positive parts. Perfect Petzz are cute sleeping Puppies and Kittens that offer unconditional love and the best of all is that they are maintenance-free. They look so lifelike and you’re sure to find a Perfect Petzzz Companion that’s just right for you. No muss, No fuss, just smiles. The Perfect Petzz toy animals also makes a great gift and that goes not only for children, but also for grownups.

The price of the Perfect Petzzz Alaskan Husky is about $30 USD.

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If you are a true Garfield fan you can’t miss this, although the plush toy doesn’t look qite as much as the Garfield we all know… Anyway, this plush toy with Garfield look comes with a built-in 350K Pixels web camera and built-in microphone…

– Image sensor: 350K Pixels, CMOS(VGA)
– Frame rate: 30 FPS (CIF), 15 FPS (VGA)
– Number of colors: 24 bits
– Focal length: 4.5mm
– Field of angle: 54 degree
– Focus: adjustable
– Focus distance: 20cm to infinity
– Lens aperture: 2.8
– Distortion rate: <-1% - Sensor size: 1/3" - Effective pixels: 640*480 - Exposure control: Auto - White balance: Auto - Cable length: 180 cm - Weight: 39g
The price of the USB Garfield Web Camera is $32.

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Now you can date a pretend partner to be proud of. In fact, with Virtual Girlfriend/Virtual Boyfriend you can date 8 different pocket-sized partners in quick fire succession without even changing your undercrackers.

These saucy little Tamagotchi-style gizmos are set to become must-have accessories for any wannabe smoothie who enjoys getting jiggy with it (that’ll be everyone, then). Ideal for perfecting your relationship skills, each Virtual Girlfriend/Virtual Boyfriend features 8 LCD characters, all with their own distinct personality: from studious square to insatiable gothic bunny boiler.


The idea is to keep your randomly selected cyber partner happy by taking them out, complimenting them, buying them gifts and doing naughty things with them.

The more satisfied your virtual date becomes, the more points you collect and the longer the relationship lasts. Using the three control buttons you can select between gifts (anything from lingerie to deodorant), compliments (oblique or spectacularly blunt), places to go (the jewellers to the bingo) or, if you’re feeling lucky, wild passion.


If you don’t like your date you can attempt to get dumped by insulting them and giving rubbish presents. Just like real life. Alternatively you can press reset and try your luck with someone else. Nothing like real life. The possibilities are endless and really rather risque.

The price of the Virtual Girlfriend or Boyfriend is about $38 for each.

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