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Hip-Pop Pet Dog

19, Sep 2006


Hip-Pop Pets are fun, animated animals that love to move and groove to music (very similar to Sega’s iDog). Each has its own expressions, dance style and movements that respond to music. Hip-Pop Pets come with high-quality speakers and two play modes: Speaker Mode plays music from your MP3 player; Interactive Mode lets you play around with the built-in sound and music through a CDS sensor. You can even mix special sound effects with your favorite song, or play your MP3, DVD, or any other music device (cable included) through the Pet’s built-in speakers. Requires 3 “AA” batteries (not included). Measures 6.75″L x 6″W x 7″H.

The Hip-Pop Pet Dog is avaialbe for $19.99

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Metal Desk Catapult

7, Sep 2006


Office warfare has always existed. Sometimes it’s full out regicide, but normally it just begins by pestering your coworkers. Office warfare is, however, very addictive. It starts when you shoot your first rubber band at an unsuspecting person standing near the water cooler. It then progresses to spit balls and flinging small objects with rulers. Eventually, like most addictions, you begin to use the harder stuff: siege engines.

Clink???‚?¦clink???‚?¦clink. That’s the sound of this all-metal (except, of course, for the mini rope) desk catapult ratcheting back into its loading position. Once it is poised, load in your projectile du jour (we’ve found caffeinated mints make excellent ammo) and let it fly. This catapult is perfect for displaying on the corner of your desk. It looks so fancy, everyone will think it’s just decoration. And that’s when you nail them. Defend your desk in style.

The price of the Metal Desk Catapult is $34.99

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Each Breezy Singer bird features a motion-activated photo sensor, which brings it to life with realistic tail, neck, and beak movements and genuine bird songs every time you walk by. These little birds look and sound like the real thing!


Each bird’s motion-and-light sensor is located below its head on its front torso. When light changes in front of the bird, such as a moving shadow or a person walking, the bird chirps its lovely little song. Sounds and looks of birds are based on research provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Each bird requires 3 LR44 batteries (included). On/off switch is located on the bottom of the birds’ torsos.

Available birds include: Northern Saw Whet Owl, Eastern Bluebird, Northern Cardinal, Common Yellowthroat, American Goldfinch, American Robin, Blue Jay, Eastern Bluebird, Northern Cardinal, Yellow Warbler, Scarlet Tanager, Common Yellowthroat, Blue Parakeet, Green Parakeet, Common Kingfisher, Japanese Great Tit and Japanese White-Eye.

Takara Breezy Singers Birds can be purchased for about $14 to $19 USD.

If you are interested in purchasing a Takara Breezy Singer Bird…