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The Japanese toymaker company Takara Tomy released their new product called “Transformers Sports Label Convoy feat. Nike Free 7.0”. This is actually an new Transformers robot toy which transforms from a pair of plastic half-scale Nike shoes into a robot named “Convoy”. The robot, created as a collaboration between the Japanese toymaker and Nike Japan is already being sold in Japan with a price of 2,625 yen which is roughly about $22. It seems Takara Tomy is targeting this new product more at the adults or at least to the more grown up kids and of course just a few days after its release the Transformers Sports Label Convoy feat. Nike Free 7.0 is already a big hit in Japan.


It seems there are two different versions at the moment – a black and a white one, that seem to be identical except for the color…

The official press release by Takara Tomy (in Japanese)…


Tomy presents all new “KUROHIGE” Pop-Up Pirate “Hard Gay” limited edition in large size. The Kurohige is an unique puzzle / strategy game that is quite popular in Japan. Set the pirate into the barrel and slide the sword into the barrel, if the pirate pops out on your turn, you are out. The “Hard Gay” edition is based on Japanese comedian TV personality “Hard Gay” (the guy isn’t actually a gay, just married recently… to a girl). A great game and fun game with your friends with this Kurohige in interesting outfit.

The price of the Tomy KUROHIGE “Hard Gay” Edition is $55.

If you want to order yourself a “Hard Gay” Edition of the Kurohige game…
Hard Gay convincing Tomy to make HG Edition of the Kurohige (video part 1)
Hard Gay convincing Tomy to make HG Edition of the Kurohige (video part 2)