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The Chain Mail T-Shirt

28, Aug 2007


This Chain Mail T-Shirt is honest-to-goodness real metal chain mail hand forged by dwarfs in forbidden mines near the center of the earth and delivered to the ThinkGeek warehouse by shrieking black apparitions in the dead of night. Its bright shine and relatively light-weight comes from its anodized aluminum construction. It’s appropriate protective wear for most occasions including office meetings and parties you would rather not have attended.


The ThinkGeek Chain Mail T-Shirt is real chain mail, made from thousands of anodized aluminum rings. This makes the shirt fairly light (for chain mail) at around 20 pounds. But keep in mind that the aluminum rings can be bent and come uncoupled if you don’t take care with the garment. There is a small bag of extra rings that you can easily bend into place with needle nose pliers if any repairs are needed.

The Chain Mail T-Shirt is available in medium and large sizes and is priced at $99.99.

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Windows BOD T-shirt

19, Feb 2007


Why wait for Windows to show you the Blue Screen of Death when you can always wear it on your t-shirt? And where the hell did the RED error screen in Vista go… 😉

This shirt is currently available in sizes S up to XXL with a price of about $25.

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Blogging has become quite a popular thing to do, and a lot of people use blogs. But how can you tell “the offline” part of the world that you are blogger and of course how to do it with style. Now you can do that with the Blogito, Ergo Sum T-shirt…

The “Blogito, Ergo Sum” on the t-shirt is in Latin and it tarnslates to “I Blog, therefore I am”, as you probably already have guessed it comes from the popular saying “Cogito, ergo sum” meaning “I think, therefore I am”. This t-shirt is charcoal with a blogger-brown button dead-center on the chest with “Blogito, ergo sum” in white. Beneath, a small reminder that you might not be as popular as you think: “Comments (0).”

The bloggers t-shirt is available in S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL sizes wit price racing form $14.99 to $16.99 (depending on the size).

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