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This R/C R2-D2 Action Figure is like a Star Wars fanboy’s wet dream come true. The size of a regular action figure, this tiny droid is fully controllable from the included lightsaber remote. Authentic R2-D2 sounds, turning head and red LED eye complete the package. No more playing with your old-school Star Wars figures by shaking them and talking in a funny voice, this is the real deal… and we don’t kid when it come to Star Wars. We would have killed for this little R2 gem as a kid and it’s still pretty damn cool as an adult.

These mini R/C R2-D2s come directly from Japan and are fully licensed by Lucasfilm.

The RC Star Wars R2-D2 Action Figure is available for $29.99, but is out of stock until around the end of April.

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Darth Vader Phone

2, Aug 2006


Are you a die hard Star Wars fan, then you can’t miss this. Now you can make calls to a galaxy far, far away (or your mom) with this official Star Wars Darth Vader Phone. And may the phone be with you!

You’d think Darth Vader would be far too busy plotting to take over the galaxy to answer the phone. Yet that’s what he’s going to do for you – well, almost. In fact, Darth actually is the phone. Designed in the shape of his infamous helmet, the Darth Vader Phone doesn’t do anything as predictable as ringing when you get a call. Instead you’re treated to a sinister rendition of the Imperial March as Darth turns his head majestically.


If you’re so entertained by the Dark Lord that you can’t bear to answer the call, don’t fret. With Darth’s demo mode, you can enjoy his unique incoming call signal any time you like. But that’s not all. The helmet unit also features three sound effect buttons, producing realistic recreations of the saber swing, the Imperial March and of course, Darth’s famous heavy breathing. Let’s hope that’s the only heavy breathing you get on the phone…

The Darth Vader Phone also features a standard ringer mode, ideal in case you have elderly relatives with weak hearts/bladders visiting. Other features include electronic push buttons with tone dialing and a last number redial function. This is a phone you just have to have if you’re a Star Wars superfan.

The price of the Darth Vader Phone is about $45.

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