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Do you hate to choose between lounging in the pool and watching the big game indoors on a nice, sunny day? You don’t have to make that tough decision any more. The 12-Foot Backyard Theater Screen with Speakers brings the entertainment to the back yard. This full-size screen comes with a pair of 120-watt amplified speakers and inflates to its 144-inch viewing area in minutes, thanks to the included air pump. The screen connects to any projector and can expand to additional outdoor speakers if desired.

The price of the 12-Foot Inflatable Outdoor Home Theater is $1299.99

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The cebop POP Blowup-speakers are the only sound system that use an inflatable form to produce sound. The Inflatable Speakers can be used with: PC’s, Mac’s, Personal CD Players, Personal stereos, and make a refreshing change to a boring black speaker lurking in the corner…

In contrast to traditional speakers which rely on the motion of a diaphragm, the cebop POP Blowup-speakers use an NXT Exciter which can generate sound waves across the entire surface of a material. The sound produced is high quality and multi-directional, another advantage on the diaphragm system – true surround sound.

When inflated, the satellite speakers stand 260 mm high. Deflated these speakers are perfect for a backpack, briefcase or beach bag. The sound quality is better than conventional portable speakers, which don’t allow for much range and have a hollow, “tinny” sound. The plastic skin works as a resonating surface, allowing a richer and wider range of sound with more bass.

– 360 degrees stereo sound, 10 Watt RMS Audio Output
– Power and volume control, magnetically shielded
– Frequency response: 50 Hz bis 20 KHz, input sensitivity: 350 m

The price of the cebop POP Blow-Up Speakers is about $50.

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Stereo Squealers make an ideal gift are guaranteed to brighten up any home or office. These cute little porkers are totally unique, simply plug them in and enjoy great stereo sound on your PC, laptop, Mac, iPod, personal CD player, personal stereo, MP3 player… To add to their quirkiness, the volume is controlled through the tail of one of the pigs!

These speakers are perfect for teenagers and the kid inside every adult, they add fun, color and a great vibe to the home or office. With good sound and a cool funky look, Stereo Squealers are a “must have” accessory 😉

– Output: 3 Watts per speaker
– Power: 4 x AAA bateries
– Standard Impedance: 8 OHM
– Sensitivity: 330MV Frequency: 150HZ – 20KHZ
– Dimensions: Approx 16 (L) x 11 (D) x 10cm (H)

The price of the Stereo Squealers is about $30.

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