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Segatoys iDog mini

7, Sep 2006


This is the highly anticipated sibling of the popular iDog – the iDog mini. All new 2006 high quality iPod speaker features 7 kinds of LED lights that flash in many different patterns when the music is played through iDog mini. Original Japanese version with more interactive features built-in. iDog mini behaves very much like its big brother except with a smaller size, shinier outfits, has 12 unlockable (hip hop, pop, or dance version) songs. iDog mini is capable of changing its feelings from happy to angry by moving the ears and rotating the head and by changing the color of the 7 LED lights. Simply place I-DOG Mini near your stereo speaker and his lights flash to the rhythm of the music. The rhythm of his music tells you his mood: excited, happy, lonely or sad.

The iDog mini is available in silver, blue and pink with a price of about $32.

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The Aigo F529 1GB Omnisphere Digital Audio System truly revolutionizes the music listening experience! The F529’s elegant sleek design is a first in integrated MP3/Amplifier/Speaker technology. With its built-in 1GB flash memory, you can store up to 250 MP3 files or 500 WMA files on the system, and let the amazing 360 degree omni-directional sound give you a whole new listening experience of your favorite tunes!

It will also light up your room with different mood colors, as it features a high illumination LED with a staggering 4096 colors! These can be set to mimic your music. Working from the mains, there are no clunky buttons interfering with the magnificent design – just sleek, elegant curves creating a sensual feel to the device – guaranteed to light up any home or office environment.

With an expandable memory slot (MMC/SD up to 2GB) and auxilliary input also featured on the device, you can really experience as much of your music as you want, with the speakers boasting a superb 5??????watt output Dynamic Bass Compensation for rich bass sounded quality.

The price of the Aigo F529 1GB Omnisphere Digital Audio System is about $135.

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A Verball is a talking internet telephone toy that brings your friends voice to life as you enjoy free calls anywhere in the world! Each talking Verball contains a speaker and a handsfree microphone so you can chat to your friends over the internet. Not only can you talk to your friends for free, you can also use your Verball as a USB speaker to listen to your MP3’s.


They’re really easy to use, they don’t even need batteries and although Verballs work with most messaging programs we think they work best with a little bit of free software from our friends at Skype, you just have to plug it in the USB port and activate it and you are ready to go.

The price of the Verballs will be about $60 when they become available in September.

Get more information about the Verballs – The Talking Internet Telephones.