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How about adding the cool feature of controlling the motion in-game with the physical movement of your Sony PSP console, just like you can do it with games for most modern smartphones such as the iPhone for example? You can now add such a feature on Sony’s PlayStation portable consoles with the help of an additional accessory called the TiltFX Motion Control and the best of all is that the controller already works with most of the popular games for the PSP. TiltFX delivers real ‘Tilt’ control using the 3D movement of your PSP thanks to the TiltFX G-sensor tat features a 3 axis, high resolution MEMS accelerometer and powerful microprocessor that are designed to detect the motion of you PSP as you move it and thus creating a revolutionary way to play your PSP games…

Take your games to the next level with the latest motion sensing control. TiltFX works with all games by replacing the Direction controls with High Resolution ‘Tilt’ control so now the 3D movements of your PSP actually control the game. The TilfFX accessory is compatible only with the PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 series of consoles and it needs to be plugged in into the accessory connection at the bottom left part of the portable console. If you have a first generation PSP Fat console (PSP-1000 series), then you are not out of luck however as there is a different version especially for that console, but if you have the latest PSP Go, then unfortunately you are out of luck with this accessory. The TiltFX controller is especially great for racing games as with them the PSP console itself becomes the wheel you are rotating to drive the virtual car in the game, something that you should really try.

TiltFX Motion Control is available with a price of $19.99 USD.

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Hand-made is a dog tag style silver pendant made from Sterling Silver, with an Antique Look. It is designed to hold a 2GB Sony Micro Vault Tiny USB Drive inside (included with the pendant). The Olinari Sterling Silver Dog Tag comes with incredible level of detail and provides you a secure and cool way to store your flash memory.

There are a few different models with price starting at $349.

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The Sony PRS-500 Reader is a portable e-book reader featuring 6″ high-resolution, high-contrast display with 180?° viewing angles. The screen of the device is actually an electronic paper display developed by E Ink Corporation, that has 166 dpi resolution and capable of showing four levels of grayscale. The display is viewable in direct sunlight and the best of all is it doesn’t require power to maintain the image so you get an extra long usage time of up to 7500 “page turns” per charge from the built-in lithium-ion battery. The reader has 64 MB integrated memory that is expandable by additional flash card, you can access the memory by connecting the device to your PC trough a standard USB connector. The PRS-500 is very compact with it measurements of 17.5 x 12.4 x 1.3 cm and weight of only about 250 grams.

The PRS-500 can display books in the following formats: BBeB books (BroadBand eBook), Adobe PDF files, TXT, RTF and Microsoft Word text formats. The device also supports graphic files in JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP image formats, but don’t expect too much considering only 4 levels of gray are supported by screen. And of course you’ll be able to play music stored in MP3 or AAC audio formats.

The Sony Portable Reader System is available for $349.99.

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