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A Verball is a talking internet telephone toy that brings your friends voice to life as you enjoy free calls anywhere in the world! Each talking Verball contains a speaker and a handsfree microphone so you can chat to your friends over the internet. Not only can you talk to your friends for free, you can also use your Verball as a USB speaker to listen to your MP3’s.


They’re really easy to use, they don’t even need batteries and although Verballs work with most messaging programs we think they work best with a little bit of free software from our friends at Skype, you just have to plug it in the USB port and activate it and you are ready to go.

The price of the Verballs will be about $60 when they become available in September.

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The Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype (F1PP000GN-SK) doesn’t require a PC and will work anywhere in the world where you have secured or open access to a WiFi network. Any home, office, cafe, or municipal wireless access point that does not require browser-based authentication will do.

The phone is pre-loaded with Skype software and featuring the same Skype interface, the Belkin Wi-Fi Phone is ready to use with any wireless network. To make a call, simply use the intuitive on-screen color menu to locate your contact and view their online availability-exactly like you use Skype today.

– Skype Certified to work just like your existing Skype account
– Connect to any secured or open access WiFi network that does not require browser-based authentication
– Exceptional Voice Quality
– WEP, WPA and WPA2 with PSK support

The price of the Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype is $189.99.

More information about Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype (F1PP000GN-SK)
You can pre-order the Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype here (shipping in August)


The Edge-Core Wi-Fi Phone with Skype software preloaded, WM4201 is the perfect IP communication solution for users that are looking for a mobile and easy-to-use IP communication device. The WM4201 is designed with all the Skype call features, IEEE802.11b/g wireless interface, and candy bar shaped design to help users to save communication cost and move at the same time. Unlike most other VoIP protocols, Skype also routes calls through other Skype peers on the network, which allows it to traverse Network Address Tranlation (NAT) and Firewalls. This feature makes the user easy to use the WM4201 in different environments without concerning the NAT and other firewall settings.


Hardware features
Display: 1.8???‚?? CSTN LCD, 65K color, Resolution 128 x 160, Backlit LED
Keys: 2 soft keys, Up/down volume control, Send and end/power key, 0~9 *# numeric keys with a~z alphabets, 5-directional navigation key
Physical connectors: Mini USB connector, Earphone jack, Metal Contact for Cradle Charger
Talk/Standby time: 4,5/30 hours

Software Features
Network Features: DHCP client
Signaling Protocol: Skype
Skype Features: Skype to Skype Calls, SkypeIn, SkypeOut, Skype Voicemail, Skype Contact List, Skype Presence, Search Skype Directory, Call Waiting, Conference Call (Guest Only), Call History, User Profiles
Voice Codec Features: ITU G.729AB
Wireless Features: 802.11b/g, Site survey, WMM (802.11e), WEP 64/128-bit, WPA/PSK, WPA2/PSK

The price of the Edge-core WM4201 Wi-Fi Phone is about 250$.

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