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The Pod Safe

2, Sep 2006


The Pod Safe is a portable locking security case for iPods. The iPod is fully contained in The Pod Safe providing a convenient and stylish solution to help prevent loss or theft of your iPod music, photos or videos.

The Pod Safe case is made of durable high impact PolyCarbon strengthened ABS material which protects your iPod while allowing the user easy access to controls and playing features when locked. The Pod Safe includes a four-digit, resettable combination lock incorporating a locking steel cable that allows The Pod Safe to be easily locked to a backpack, briefcase, duffle bag, bicycle, exercise equipment, golf bag, and other larger permanent objects.


The Pod Safe is designed for several models of the iPod (Video, Photo and 4th Generation) which have various dimensions in depth. The Pod Safe comes with foam spacers which are easily applied to the rear cover, creating a custom fit for your model iPod. Some models don’t require any foam spacers. The Pod Safe for nano fits all nano iPods manufactured to date.

The price of the The Pod Safe is $39.95

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