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TEMPO is a concept design for an unique external hard drive storage device in the form of a miniature recycle bin. It is intended to protect the user from accidentally deleting files or as an external storage device. As you delete files, they are automatically moved to the TEMPO device, so that if you incidentally delete a needed file you can recover it. And as the device fills up, leds light the “can” from the bottom up, visually informing you of how much free space is available.


As for the technical details, they are still quite sketchy. It seems that the hard drive will be 250GB in size and Bluetooth interface will be used for transferring files. The device should be compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Maybe the only drawback in the idea will be the Bluetooth that is quite slow when transferring large amounts of data, especially when we are talking about multimedia files with sizes of hundred megabytes or even gigabytes. A 802.11g (up to 54 Mbps) or even 802.11n (up to 300Mbps) Wi-Fi connection will be much better especially considering the fact that both the PC and the Tempo should be very close in terms of distance between the two. Even a non-wireless 100Mbps or even 1 Gigabit ethernet version might be a good idea considering the need to transfer large amounts of data between the PC and the Tempo device.

Tempo is just a concept that hasn’t been technologically designed, but the idea behind it still remains quite interesting.

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