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Gone are the days of the sun wiping out your projection display – this daylight projection clock not only looks cool, it will project the time, temperature and date on any surface day or night. Sensors will detect if the light in the room intensifies, and increase the strength of the projection. What’s more, simply wave your hand over the LED and you can toggle display settings and even turn off your alarm! A perfect complement for modern decor.

– Daylight LED projection displays time and temperature on any surface in any lighting condition
– Displays the indoor temperature
– LCD display with animation of time and temperature
– Features an alarm clock with eight-minute snooze function
– Touchless snooze function???‚???motion over clock activates alarm snooze function
– Projection automatically adjusts intensity depending on room brightness
– 180?›?™ projection rotation
– Projection focus
– Displays digital, day, and month for easy reference
– Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display
– 12/24-hour clock format
– Adaptor included for continuous projection

The price of the DP100 Daylight Projection Clock is $89.95

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