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Put these cute and cuddly stuffed penguins with built-in speaker and amplifier on your desktop, bookshelf or anywhere you take your music. Just plug in your iPod, MP3, music player or computer to hear and share your favorite tunes. Powered by your computer’s USB port or 2x AA batteries, and approx. 5″ tall. Makes a geeky gift especially for any die-hard Linux fan. 😉

The price of the speakers is $29.99.

If you want to get a pair of these Plush Penguin-shaped Speakers…


The Perfect Petzzz Alaskan Husky is a lifelike, “breathing”, handcrafted puppy toy designed to amuse, educate and comfort you and the best of all it is allowed everywhere… even in the office. Alaskan Huskies are very athletic dogs that like colder weather. They often have a curved sled dog tail and can be black, grey and white as well as red or brown. They can have blue or brown eyes, and sometimes one of each for an even more interesting combination. The ears are usually standing up, but in some cases they are laying down. The breed is popular in sled dog racing.

But if you are not into Huskies and would like another dog breed, or maybe not even a doglike one you can also go for another Perfect Petzzz toy – there are also a lot of cats that are just like the real ones, but only the positive parts. Perfect Petzz are cute sleeping Puppies and Kittens that offer unconditional love and the best of all is that they are maintenance-free. They look so lifelike and you’re sure to find a Perfect Petzzz Companion that’s just right for you. No muss, No fuss, just smiles. The Perfect Petzz toy animals also makes a great gift and that goes not only for children, but also for grownups.

The price of the Perfect Petzzz Alaskan Husky is about $30 USD.

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Another cute-looking plus toy with integrated USB web camera, this time it is a bear and as you can see the camera lens is actually the bear’s nose 😉


– Sensor: 480K pixels CMOS, 640 x 480 VGA resolution.
– Frame Rates: Up to 30fps @ 320×240, 15fps @ 640×480
– Focus Distance: 5cm ~ infinity
– Adjustable lens for picture focusing
– Auto white balance
– Cable length: 135cm
– Size: 18 x 14.5 x 10 cm
– Weight: 172g
– Support Windows XP, 2000, ME and 98SE

The price of the Plush Bear USB MyPet Cam is $25.

You can get yourself a Plush Bear USB MyPet Cam here…