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Just like the MoPods phone charms, these clever little things flash and spin the moment a call or text message comes in. The difference is, these transparent domes come all the way from the Star Wars universe and contain Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper helmet. You just need to attach a Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper phone flasher to your mobile phone and the head in the device will start rotating and flashing when it detects an incoming call or a text message. To make that work the device just picks up the strong radio field that is being generated around your mobile phone, meaning that the device is going to receive a call any moment now. It is rather simple thing, but it really does a good job and it is quite cheap so you can easily get a few spare ones just in case or for presents to your friends that are also big fans of the Star Wars saga…


It goes without saying that Star Wars Phone Flashers really come in handy when you’re drinking with friends in a noisy environment or partying in a night club, but they also make brilliant desktop/work companions, especially if your phone is in silent mode. When they start to rotate and flash you will notice them even if your attention is focused on something else, or at leas someone else will see that something is happening and will ask you what is going on with that Star Wars thing.

Currently there is a promotion going on in the online shop that is selling the phone flashers, so that you can get your own personal promo code for about $8 off of any product. This way a single phone flasher will cost you absolutely nothing and you’ll have to pay only for the shipping. You can generate your own discount code on this page: Special Firebox voucher offer. The promo code will be valid until the end of this year (31st December) so you can even use it later on and not only for purchasing a phone flasher, but for just about anything available in the shop.

The Star Wars themed phone flashers are available for $8 each.

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The TeleFace Phone enables users to call a person by pressing a photo. No telephone numbers to remember or “memory locations”. Just install the photos of the most frequently called persons (family members, friends) into the 5 windows and store the relevant telephone numbers. Press the photo of the person you wish to call and TeleFace does the rest. The only drawback is if you need more that 5 numbers on “quick dial”, you’ll have to choose the most important ones 😉

Availabe in orange and green with a price of $29.99

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Promising an easier way for parents, children and seniors to stay connected, Wherify Wireless announced it will launch its Wherify Family Locator Service and companion Wherifone GPS Locator Phone on October 1st, 2006. The Wherifone is the world’s first GSM/GPS phone designed for children and seniors, and gives on-the-go parents the peace of mind of being able to quickly locate and communicate with their young children and elderly relatives at any time from anywhere, while also controlling who they can call and how much it will cost.


Whether used as a “first phone” for pre-teens (ages 8 to 11) or as a “companion phone” for seniors or special-needs family members, the Wherifone locator phone combines GSM voice technology with industry-leading SiRFStarIII GPS technology and Wherify’s own Aided-GPS solution to provide quality voice communications and superior location accuracy even under difficult conditions, including inside many types of buildings, in vehicles, under foliage and in most urban canyons. The 24-by-7 Wherify location service lets parents quickly locate their family members on maps or aerial photographs using a web browser, as well as allowing them to locate a Wherifone through text messaging from their existing cell phone service or by calling the Wherify service center.

The Wherifone GPS Locator Phone will retail for $99.95, and fixed-usage Wherify Family Locator Service plans that include both voice and location services start at just $19.95 per month.

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