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Did you know that the remote control (WiiMote or WiiRemote) of Nintendo Wii console can easily be connected to your PC thanks to the bluetooth interface it uses to communicate with the console? Wait, but there is more, not only you can connect the remote to the PC, but you can as well control the computer with the WiiMote. With the help of the WiinRemote program (free and even with the source code available) you can configure the remote to be used in any way you like, not only for moving the mouse cursor, but using every available button on the remote for different functions. The good thing is that you can use either the accelerometers built in the Wii remote to move the mouse cursor (less accurate) or the infrared camera for more accurate control (you’ll need a sensor bar for this). WiinRemote is a great application to start using the WiiMote on your PC, but for more advanced flexibility you shouldn’t rely on this program, but try something like GlovePIE for instance. The GlovePIE uses a simple scripting system that is easy to learn and gives you quite a lot of power in handling the way the Wii-mote is being used…

If you want to learn more on how to use the WiinRemote…


This is a portable digital notepad that can be used to store data as digital information without the need of any PC (you can as well call it low-end tablet “PC”, but without the PC part). All the information written on the paper is being stored as digital pages, post-editing can be done by direct page selection (LCD display) at any time. It is also possible to do post-editing via the supplied Windows software if you connect the device trough the USB port to a PC. The standard memory capacity is 32MB and it is upgradeable via SD cards. Battery status is being displayed both on the stylus and on the tablet. The device can operate up to 20 hours with one battery set. And although the official information about Aiptek’s MyNote digital notepad is still way too little, this device seems to be quite interesting…

Technical Data
Dimensions: 253 x 13,5 x 332 mm
Work Area: 210 x 297 mm (DIN A4)
Maximum Resolution: 1000 lpi
Interface Type: USB
Power Supply: Tablet – 4x AAA batteries, stylus – 1x AAA battery
Operating Systems: Only Windows 2000/XP are supported

The price of the Aiptek MyNote is about $165

The MyNote product page on Aiptek’s official website…


Do you have a digital camera? Do you have a memory card full of images from vacations, graduations, weddings, birthdays, etc.? Do you want to be able to share those images with family and friends but don’t have the time to have the images printed, and put them in an album or scrapbook. Now with the PrimeFoto you will be able to archive your digital photos onto a CD without a computer in addition to quickly and easily creating DVD quality photo slide shows.

The PrimeFoto is the ultimate digital camera accessory, regardless of whether you are a professional or recreational photographer. Sleek and stylish with a brushed-aluminum finish, the unit weighs 4 pounds and measures 9 1/8″ (L) x 10 1/8″ (W) x 2 1/4″ (H) it accepts media from most cameras including, SmartMedia, SecureDisc, MultiMediaCard, CompactFlash and Memory Stick.

The PrimeFoto can be attached to a television for use, or as a standalone CD burner for archiving photos and creating slideshows for playback in DVD players. While the unit is connected to the TV, you are able to omit or rotate photos, add customization to your slideshow such as narration, or your favorite music from an audio CD, or MP3 player connected to the burner, and add a title to your slideshow. While operating the unit on its own, not connected to a TV, a slideshow can be created when you wish to include all photos on the memory card, rather than selecting specific images.

The digital photo album/slideshow, along with archive information, is then burned onto the CD with the touch of a button. Also copied onto the CD are the original JPEG files that can be used to print photos, and the information necessary for easy archival and retrieval of photos. This is a much better method of storage to boxes and half filled albums, and the images are preserved on a media that will last a lifetime!

The price of the PrimeFoto system is $249

If you are interested in ordering a PrimeFoto device…

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