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EROKAWA Lingerie (Erotic + Kawaii) bras & panties as phone straps are tiny, but quite tempting for all guys. The Underwear Phone Straps made from One Certain Concept, Ero-Kawa, a Japanese contemporary Eroticism containing the meaning of KAWAII. To attracted him today, don’t show off your bra and panties as a show girl. Real Underwear Miniature Cell Phone Straps can support you taking his attention to you. EROKAWA, a Conpound Word booming from JAPAN to the World lately. Erotic but still KAWAII, these two words are all girls and gals want but it’s impossible to make both in your beat normally. EROKAWA fashion and Erokawa Style are quite innovative and greedy but wise ways now Japanese girls and celebs are willingly take!



Each of the bra or panties cell phone strap will cost you $9.14 and there are quite a few models available to choose from.

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The perfect gift for every girl who loves to lounge around in sexy undies all day AND listen to her favorite music… Black lace panty with pink ribbon and removable pocket to hold iPod nano (money or other small personal items). Comes giftboxed and ready to give – or receive 😉

The price of the iGroove Panty for iPod nano is $12.95 (currently out of stock!)

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