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Magnetic Viewing Paper

14, May 2007

This paper is so intriguing because it enables you to view the varying magnetic patterns of individual magnets. Take the obscure and begin “viewing” it like it’s magic. The magnetic viewing paper is made of millions of tiny metal particles that are suspended in oil within a 20 x 50mm laminated sheet of plastic. When a magnet is placed next to this “viewing paper”, the particles become magnetized.

The Magnetic Viewing Paper available for just $1.95 a piece.

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Magnetic Bullet Holes

24, Aug 2006


These incredibly realistic looking bullet holes are sure to cause a stir. They will instantly adhere to any clean steel surface – no adhesive is necessary.

The authentic grey coloring looks like a vehicles paint has been blasted right through to the primer. Made of flexible rubber ferrite, these re-usable bullet holes can be applied or removed instantly. They are weatherproof and remain securely in place even on a vehicle traveling at high speed.

They are effective on any color vehicle and will not harm the surface. With the magnetic bullet holes you can instantly create your own “shooting scene” for a deserving car or motorcycle owner to come upon.

The price of a set of 6 magnetic bullet holes is $18.53

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