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Turn your party into a witches’ den with the realistic prop that emits a creepy but safe mist. It looks just like a genuine witch’s cauldron and emits a gentle, non-polluting mist using ultrasonic waves. The mist is being produced from a normal tap water, essential oil may be added for fragrance, there are no chemicals and no heat involved in the process. There are 12 rotating LED lights for a constant change of soft colors, water level sensor detects low water level and automatically shuts off to prevent damage.

The price of the Misting Black Cauldron is $29.95

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This PAR 38 flood light is great for large can ceiling fixtures; it consists of 150 bright LEDs that can light up a room with only 9 watt usage. As a result you get bright while light equivalent to about 60W you get from a normal light bulb. The life of the LEDs is also much higher than what you get prom a standard light bulb. The only drawback for this LED Floodlight is its price that is quite high even compared to the energy saving light bulbs that also provide longer life and about the same power consumption…

The price of the 150 LED Floodlight is $89.97

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Blue LED Faucet Light

31, Aug 2006


Tired of that same old monotonous water? Bored with water that doesn’t look like futuristic alien mouthwash? Need to make your midnight bathroom appointments more exhilarating? Then you need to get the blue LED faucet attachment. You can turn any faucet in your home into a streaming blue lagoon of techie-bliss in just minutes. How does it work? Just attach to the end of your faucet (universal adapters included), and when the water flows through the magic chamber, it simply turns on the blue LED array and illuminates the stream with a soothingly powerful crystal blue hue.

The price of the Blue LED Faucet Light is $12.99

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