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PicoLCD is a family of Intelligent USB LCD displays with true HID USB interface, that you can connect to your PC with ease and use them to display any info you want on them. Current end existent products range from simple 2×20 LCDs, 4×20 as well as graphic models. The picoLCD has strong application support (SDK included) for Windows XP and Linux as well as native Vista SideShow auxiliary display driver support and SDK. But the most interesting model seems to be the PicoLCD 4×20 Auxiliary Display with Vista Sideshow support, because it is more affordable, quite useful and even very cool looking, compared to the simpler smaller screens or the graphical models. That is why we are going to look into the PicoLCD 4×20 Auxiliary Display…


You can use this cool external device to show Vista Sideshow applications (stocks, weather, music information, news and sports updates) on a 2nd dedicated LCD display that also looks very cool on your desk, especially with the blue backlight of the screen. The PicoLCD display has the ability to display 4 lines of text data with up to 20 characters on each line with gives you the ability to display quite a lot of data on the screen. The unit is self-powered via a full speed USB connection so there is no need for any external power supply. The device also has some built-in functional buttons allowing direct control on some of it’s functions, without having to touch the keyboard or the mouse on the PC. However you should have in mind that the PicoLCD 4×20 Auxiliary Display requires Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, and that the Vista Home Edition does not come with Sideshow functionality supported. You can also use the device with Linux, because it also has drivers for different Linux distributions available.

The price of the PicoLCD 4X20-Sideshow is $49.95.

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Egokast Video Belt

5, Sep 2006


Get all the attention you deserve with this Egokast media player. It’s a 3.5 inch LCD video screen to wear on your belt or arm strap. Uses SD card that can store up to 2GB of MP4, MP3, MPG, AVI, JPG files. The built-in battery gets you about 4-6 hours of play time. Make your own video broadcasts or download already made Egocast clips and express yourself…

The price of the Egokast Video Belt is $289

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The vMagi X1 creates a 35-inch television screen right in front of your eyes through a stylish sunglasses look. Take your old favorite games to a new level, or take your already exciting games to the extreme level, the vMagi pulls you into the intense fire-fights and even slow-paced RPG’s taking your gaming experience to the next level. Although it is best suited for watching movies on the go…


The vMagi X1 can connect to iPod Video, MP4 Players, DVD/CD/VCD Players, Computers, TV Receivers, Digital Cameras, and any device with a video out source. The 2 TFT LCD Displays (320×240 resolution) give the illusion of a 35-inch Big Screen Television as if you are standing over 6?’?… ft. away. The vMagi X1 automatically switches on when it detects a video signal, and instantly turns off when that video signal is lost. It also auto-recognizes and exchanges between NTSC/PAL making it ideal for Travel.

The vMagi X1 comes with 480mAH Lithium-ion battery that can provide enough power for up to 4-5 hours use with a single charge.

You can pre-order the vMagi X1 until September 15 for $249.99, after that the price will be $299.99. The device is expected to be available in October.

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