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Amazon is now offering a PC version for their Kindle E-book reader solution, you can download the reader for free or even get it pre-installed on select Asus Laptops and Netbooks. With Kindle on your PC you’ll get access to the full library of books in electronic format that you can download digitally and read directly on your computer. You can choose from more than 540,000 of the most popular books to read, including 96 of 112 New York Times Best Sellers, covering just about any topic you can think of.

With Kindle for PC you can read thousands of free books, including popular classics such as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, Treasure Island and others just like you would with the dedicated Kindle E-Book reader, but on your own computer. The full commercial book catalog of Amazon has books starting from $9.99 USD that you can get immediately on your computer and start reading, without having to wait for them to arrive. And of course you can also read them on a Kindle device if you do own one of these E-Book readers…

Besides the hardware Kindle E-Book reader and the PC version of Kindle you can also get a free Kindle reader software on your Mac, iPhone, BlackBerry and iPad with an application for Android-based devices coming very soon.

List of the Asus laptops with Kindle pre-installed…
The first 6-inch Kindle Wireless E-Book Reading Device
The Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device for electronic books
For the complete list of all E-Books available for Kindle…


Now that is something that is usually hard to find and a bit expensive, but it might be very handy at times. If you have an old laptop that uses the older PCMCIA (CardBus) standard for extension cards you might be out of luck if you have to insert a new ExpressCard device for some reason. At such time this small Filco ExpressCard to USB adapter can be very useful, although it may not be very convenient to be used while traveling and using the mobile computer. The good news is that you can also use an ExpressCard device designed for your laptop on your desktop PC with the help of this adapter…


The adapter is compatible with both the smaller ExpressCard/34 standard and the bigger ExpressCard/54 devices so you don’t have to worry your device wont be compatible and of course you’ll still have to install drivers for the device in order for it to function correctly.

The ExpressCard to USB Adapter will cost you $39.09.

To buy this useful adapter for your laptop or desktop pc…


AGEIA Technologies announced the world’s first PhysX Mobile processor, the AGEIA PhysX 100M, for high performance gaming notebook PCs. The new PhysX 100M offers an unmatched combination of power, efficiency and design flexibility enabling innovative hardware designers to take PC notebooks to a stunning new level of excitement.

This is the first mobile processor offered by AGEIA. The 100 indicates that it’s part of the first generation of dedicated PhysX processors and the “M” designates its incorporation of AGEIA PhysX Mobile Technology. The power consumption is as low as 10W under normal gameplay conditions. Optimized PhysX processing resources to deliver the same peak PhysX processing throughput as the original AGEIA PhysX processor.

The new AGEIA PhysX 100M processor is available now. Exciting gaming notebooks powered by AGEIA PhysX Mobile Technology are expected to hit the market very soon.

More information about the AGEIA PhysX 100M…