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Thanko has the perfect solution for cold fingers during the freezing weather. Featuring the all new Thanko USB Warm Gloves, a unique glove design with heat generators built inside. It gets the power from USB connection. Adopts separate cords and switches. It has a removable hood that can cover the fingers. A great gift for friends and family, be prepared on time… the winter is coming 😉

The price of the USB Warm Gloves is $39.

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Tomy presents all new “KUROHIGE” Pop-Up Pirate “Hard Gay” limited edition in large size. The Kurohige is an unique puzzle / strategy game that is quite popular in Japan. Set the pirate into the barrel and slide the sword into the barrel, if the pirate pops out on your turn, you are out. The “Hard Gay” edition is based on Japanese comedian TV personality “Hard Gay” (the guy isn’t actually a gay, just married recently… to a girl). A great game and fun game with your friends with this Kurohige in interesting outfit.

The price of the Tomy KUROHIGE “Hard Gay” Edition is $55.

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Hard Gay convincing Tomy to make HG Edition of the Kurohige (video part 1)
Hard Gay convincing Tomy to make HG Edition of the Kurohige (video part 2)


Bird-Electron Japan has created the EZ-TAKEGTF2, a portable speakers made from all natural bamboo that don’t require any power source! Utilizing the natural resonance of bamboo, this Japanese engineered speaker not only projects quality sound but also is an stylish interior design deco. The TAKEGTF2 model uses a special Japanese SuSu bamboo which is smoked and aged for close to 100 years, and hand selected and crafted to meet Bird-Electron’s standard. Unit can be used with any audio device through its 3,5mm stereo-mini plug and as I mentioned, there is absolutely no need of any additional power, being batteries ot power adapter. Sounds as a very interesting concept, but comes at a quite high price…

Speaker size: 60mm
Cable length: 1m
Weight: 300g
Size: 210 x 120 x 70 mm
Color: Brown

The price of the Portable Bamboo Speaker is $199.

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