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If you are looking for a fun and really addictive gadget for a gift this is the perfect choise given the upcoming holidays are quite close. Puchi Puchi is the onomatopoeic name for this delicious cell phone strap/keychain adornment. In Japanese, “puchi” is the sound that bubble wrap makes when you pop the bubble. This little device has eight bubbles for unending popping fun. A small speaker does a pretty convincing pop sound and, much more importantly, the tactile feel is pretty authentic.

It’s meditative, it’s cheap, and it’s a great gift for yourself or somebody else since the idea is so simple, clever, and unexpected. Just don’t get too addicted to this because with Puchi Puchi the bubbles never end…

The Puchi Puchi Bubble Wraps cost $15 each.

If you want to buy a few of these for gifts…


The Ghost in the Shell movies and the two anime series were admired by a lot of people around the globe, along with the Japanese cyberpunk manga created by Masamune Shirow. Now you surely have watched them and remember the cute and a bit weird tanks called Tachikoma in the Standalone Complex series. Amongst a myriad of plastic creatures/chisels accessible for fans, Bandai has plans to sell a remote controlled Tachikoma in Japan beginning February. The Robot can be connected to your computer via USB. The witty robot would be able to read your email, to create and process applications and fortunately now you can play mini games with it developed by Bandai.

The Tachikomas are expected to start shipping in February 2008 with a price of $199.99 and you can pre-order yourself one of them even if you don’t live in Japan.

Pre-order your Tachikoma robot now to get it in February…


ChoroQ Qsteer Mini R/C Racers are some quite fun tiny remote controlled cars that come straight from Japan. There are to cute versions of Mazda RX-8 and Nissan 350Z available for you to choose from. Even tough they are quite small (less than two inches in length) in size the cars are quite easy and fun to control and there is even a turbo button that you can press to get them run even faster. The use independent radio channels mean you can put two of these mini sports cars against each other in a desktop duel to your stapler.


Product Features
– Mini R/C Racers are Imported from Japan
– Precision Steering Control and Handling
– Turbo Button for additional boost
– Two Different Channels Let you Race with a Friend
– Batteries Included
– 1.75″ inches in Length

ChoroQ Qsteer Mini R/C Racers are available for $14.99 each.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on these tiny remote controlled cars…