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These portable hand held deices can help you protect your privacy when you need to. With the help of a portable mobile phone jammer you can block GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz signals all around you in a small radius. The jammer can block the mobile phone reception in a radius of about 5 to 10 meters around you and is small enough to fit in your pocket and not be seen by anyone. The device uses a 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery that can provide up to an hour and a half operating time and them must be recharged. You have two modes of operation a normal one and a high power mode in which the jamming range increases, but also the life of the battery becomes shorter than the normal 1.5 hours…


If you are feeling paranoid or want to block your GSM so that nobody can listen or trace you without your knowledge this portable GSM jammer can help you, but it is a bit pricey, so you will have to decide if you really want or need it. After all do you really need this type of additional security or you just want to play it cool in front of your friends, just like a spy or a wanted criminal?

The hand held GSM signal blocking device will cost you $166.

Are you feeling paranoid today, then get one of these GSM signal jammers now…


The GPS technology is becoming more and more popular and widely used (and cheaper too). And thus nowadays you can be tracked in many ways even without your own knowledge. If there is a GPS tracker installed in your car someone may be checking where and when you travel. But thanks to this small device that you plug into the car’s cigarette lighter you can become “invisible” to the Big Brother again. This GPS blocker is simply prohibiting the reception signals that GPS satellites provide so that the tracker installed in your car can’t get a fix on your current location and thus doesn’t know your position. If you think this may be enough, how about also getting a mobile phone signal blocker, just to be sure you are really safe and nobody knows where you re driving. Just pray that the car thieves don’t get high-tech and start using these cool gadgets for the wrong thing… 😉

GPS Blocker Features
– Very small and handy to carry with you.
– Comes with a large high gain removable jammer antenna.
– Plugs into cigarette lighter socket and begins working instantly.
– Blocks GPS reception and prohibits all GPS-enabled devices from tracking your current location.

You can buy this cigarette lighter-powered GPS Blocker for $80.

To get yourself one of these cool mini cigarette lighter GPS Blockers…