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If you are planning to order an InvisibleSHIELD screen protector for some of your gadgets in the next few days, they you may think about doing it on Halloween day, because that way you can get 40% off of the regular price for all InvisibleSHIELD products. In order to use the discount and get protectors at a real bargain price you’ll need to type the discount code scary40 when doing your purchase. Have in mind that this code will be active only on Halloween day which is October 31st! Placing your order earlier or later than Halloween and you’ll have to pay the regular price…

With the Halloween Day 40% OFF promotion by ZAGG you can purchase a an Apple iPhone 3G Full Body Coverage InvisibleSHIELD protector for just $14.97 instead of the normal price of $24.95. The same goes for example for a Sony PSP Slim console’s Full Body Coverage that you can get for just $11.97 instead of $19.95, or just about any InvisibleSHIELD protector designed for Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, Gaming Devices, GPSs, iPods, Laptops, Media Players, PDAs, Watches or any other device that has a protector available.

To get an invisibleSHIELD for your gadgets with 40% discount on Halloween Day…


If you still have one of the first generation iPhone mobile phones or an iPod touch there was no way that you could get a GPS module for your device, unlike the lucky owners of the new iPhone 3G devices, at least until now. A company called Orange Gadgets started accepting pre-orders for their external GPS module for iPhone and iPod touch claiming they’ll start shipping the first devices in just a few days (10/22/2008). You’ll have to prepare $75 for the external GPS device and have in mind that in order to take advantage of it you’ll have to jailbreak your phone or music player, because of the software that accompanies it.


The iGPS360 module is designed as a direct plug-in for your device and it has a built-in battery back-up which will store the last acquired GPS satellite information on-board, enabling a fast GPS-lock re-acquisition time after the module has temporarily been switched off. You can always charge the built-in battery trough an external USB port on the GPS and you should have in mind that the GPS won’t drain power from your iPhone or iPod in order to charge it’s internal backup battery which is one of the trades that you want on a good gps trackers of your choice.

You will need to install a GPS application on your iPhone or iPod Touch that can access the iGPS360 module, because Orange Gadgets ships you only the hardware module and not the software. Luckily there are a few good apps out there that will do the job well and the best software that currently works with the module is the xGPS software developed by xWaves. You can alternatively use Simba’s or RoadMap, but these work only on 1.x firmwares and not with the newer 2.x ones.

The price of the iGPS360 is $75 and it is expected to start shipping on october 22th.

For more information about iGPS360 External GPS module for iPhone and iPod touch…


Because the multi-touch panel of the iPhone and the iPod touch respectively uses a completely different approach than most of the widely adopted resistive touchscreens available in other mobile devices, you need a different kind of stylus. The screen of the iPhone is designed to take input commands only from person’s fingers (or other body parts), but not from a plastic stylus for instance that is normally used in touchscreen devices. In order to do that the screen of the phone has a lot of built in capacitive sensors that detect a difference in the charge of every place the user touches the screen, but in this way the screen is not pressure sensitive. So in order for you to use a stylus in combination with the iPhone you’ll have to use a specially designed “pens” for this type of multi-touch screen.

Until recently it was quite hard and a bit expensive to get such specially designed stylus, but now they are quite widely available and are being produced in big quantities in China. Actually you can even get a pack of two specially designed stylus for iPhone and iPod touch for less that 6 bucks and you get even free shipping for them, a great deal if you ask me. So if you have bigger fingers or longer fingernails and have problems using the touchscreen of the iPhone or your iPod touch music player you can get these “pens” and fix the issue…

The price of a pack of 2 stylus is just $5.77 with free shipping.

If you want to order the special stylus pack for iPhone or iPod touch…

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