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Unlike most titanium pens on the market, which are just titanium plated, the barrel of the new Inka pen is machined from solid aerospace grade titanium. This pen is feather light and has an incredible strength to weight ratio. To further optimize, the pen components are built from high strength carbon fiber composite.

The Inka pen is a compact, precision-crafted all-weather pen that is engineered to perform in all environments. With its sleek, lightweight, cylindrical design and pressurized ink cartridge, it writes at any angle, temperature, altitude and even underwater. The Inka pen is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast – from pilot to scuba diver, mountain climber to fisherman. Inka also has many applications in more urban environments. Its innovative design enables it to transform from a quick-use pen to a full-size fine writing instrument and has an integrated PDA stylus. The split-ring easily and securely attaches it to keys, clothing or gear.

The price of the Titanium Inka Pen is $89.95

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