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After a hard day of mousing is your hand twisted into a frozen non-functional claw? Maybe it’s not quite that bad, but all those hours spent clutching your mouse can tense up your hand muscles and lead to tendinitis, tenosynovitis and all kinds of scary sounding repetitive stress disorders.


The Hoverstop mouse helps you minimize the amount of time you hand spends on the mouse. First it detects if your hand is on the mouse. It then monitors if you are actually using it (clicking, scrolling). If you are not using it for more than 10 seconds, it will vibrate softly to remind you to take your hand away and relax. This will give you many mini breaks per hour. Meanwhile you continue to work normally thinking, reading, without being disturbed. If you need the mouse again, just pick it up to resume work.

Product Features
– Symmetrical three-button mouse with scroll wheel
– Built in sensor and vibration help remind you to rest your mouse hand
– 800-dpi optical sensor
– Mouse is plug-and-play on all common operating systems and will operate both on USB and PS/2

The price of the Hoverstop Mouse is $69.99.

If you are interested in trying on of those mouses…