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The vMagi X1 creates a 35-inch television screen right in front of your eyes through a stylish sunglasses look. Take your old favorite games to a new level, or take your already exciting games to the extreme level, the vMagi pulls you into the intense fire-fights and even slow-paced RPG’s taking your gaming experience to the next level. Although it is best suited for watching movies on the go…


The vMagi X1 can connect to iPod Video, MP4 Players, DVD/CD/VCD Players, Computers, TV Receivers, Digital Cameras, and any device with a video out source. The 2 TFT LCD Displays (320×240 resolution) give the illusion of a 35-inch Big Screen Television as if you are standing over 6?’?… ft. away. The vMagi X1 automatically switches on when it detects a video signal, and instantly turns off when that video signal is lost. It also auto-recognizes and exchanges between NTSC/PAL making it ideal for Travel.

The vMagi X1 comes with 480mAH Lithium-ion battery that can provide enough power for up to 4-5 hours use with a single charge.

You can pre-order the vMagi X1 until September 15 for $249.99, after that the price will be $299.99. The device is expected to be available in October.

If you want ot pre-order a VideoMagi X1 Personal Portable Display…


You hear some suspicious noise in the middle of the night while working in front of your PC and what do you do? Just turn on your Spy Video Car, adjust the camera angle, turn on the night vision, put on the Heads Up Display (HUD) visor, and drive your way to the suspicious noise. That’s right – this quiet R/C car has a video camera mounted on the front. It broadcasts to the black and white LCD HUD which plugs into the remote. You’ll see everything your Spy Car sees (in bright light or in total darkness). And since it rides really low to the ground, you’ll be able to go under tables, chair, pets, and anything else that gets in your way…


Spy Video Car Features
– Includes: Spy Video Car, Remote Control, Heads Up Display, and Instructions
– Car Dimensions: 9″ X 7″ X 4″ (to top of camera in lowest position)
– Batteries: 12 AA, not included (6 AA for car, 6 AA for remote)
– R/C Frequency: 49.860 MHz, range – 75 feet

The price of the R/C Spy Video Car with Night Vision is $139.99.

If you want to get one of these cool nigh vision spy video cars…


The MetaMersion Immersive Gaming System is a cutting-edge gaming platform designed to let you play your favorite PC-based game titles in a fully immersive, virtual reality environment. You “step inside” the game and move through the virtual landscape – just as you would do in the real world. You can: physically walk around; crouch and take cover behind virtual objects; shoot around corners; look up, down, and even behind you. No other gaming platform comes close to the realism and interaction provided by the MetaMersion Immersive Gaming System.


How does the MetaMersion Immersive Gaming System work?
The MetaMersion Immersive Gaming System uses a combination of cutting edge patented and patent-pending hardware and middleware (software) to allow you to play your favorite PC-based game software titles in our fully immersive virtual reality environment. We use high-fidelity 3D graphics and audio, driven by a powerful computer system, controlled by a precise motion tracking system and a custom-designed wireless weapon controller to provide the most convincing gaming experience available.

There is still no information about commercial availability and price of the product…

For more information about the MetaMersion Immersive Gaming System…

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