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This is the world’s first consumer based portable universal cellular phonebook backup device that does not require a personal computer, software installation, or monthly subscription to a carrier’s data service. At the touch of a button, the battery-powered Backup-Pal instantly saves a backup copy of all the contact information you have stored on your cellular phone… quick and easy.

Universal Connectivity
Backup-Pal is easy to use and requires no technical expertise or software installation. Everything needed comes with Backup-Pal and its removable adapters, which are designed for each individual phone available on the market. Attach the unit to the adapter that corresponds to your phone, plug it into the handset, and you???‚?„?re ready to use Backup-Pal.

Transfering Data between Cellular Phones
Backup-Pal works with virtually any cellular phone and has been carefully designed to accommodate new phones as they come to market, so you don’t have to worry if you get a new model later on. When switching carriers or phones, Backup-Pal allows hassle-free transfer of contact data from one cell phone to another without the complexity of additional software, PC use, lengthy setup or internet connectivity. All you need is your cell phone and Backup-Pal.


Supported Phone Brands
– Nokia
– SonyEricsson
– Siemens
– Samsung
– Motorola
– Audiovox
– LG
– Kyocera
– Sanyo
and other popular brands

Product Specifications
– Power: three AAA batteries
– Size: diameter: 2.7″ (68.0mm), height: 1.0″ (25.5mm)
– Weight: 2.75 oz (78 g)
– Interface: IrDA, Serial, USB
– Memory: Stores over 1,000 Contacts (128KB Nonvolatile Flash)

The price of the Backup-Pal will be between $39.99 and $49.99, the device is expected to be available for order in september.

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Answering the call for a ruggedized, stylish and fully equipped handset, the i580 is the only iDEN rugged phone in the industry to feature an embedded camera and the first with a clam form factor to include Bluetooth wireless technology. The i580 is also the first rugged iDEN clam phone designed to meet military specification 810 F for rain resistance, as well as for dust, shock and vibration. The phone’s durable design and easy-grip rubber exterior can withstand even the toughest day on the job or the most demanding outdoor activities for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

The Motorola i580 provides Sprint’s unmatched Nextel Walkie-Talkie capabilities, allowing for instant one-on-one, group and off-network communication with the touch of a button. The most complete ruggedized phone yet, the i580 contains notable features such as:

1.3 megapixel digital camera with video record functionality – the i580 is the first ruggedized iDEN clam style handset to offer an integrated 1.3 megapixel digital camera, producing high-quality images, a self-timer, up to 4X digital zoom and an LED light that can light up an image in a range up to 2 feet in low light conditions.
Removable micro SD card slot – Store images, MP3 files, and video to removable micro SD memory cards. 64MB card included.
Bluetooth wireless technology – Wirelessly connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices within 30 feet.
GPS support – Get step-by-step driving directions, trip planning and more when you add GPS-based applications like TeleNav, MapQuest FindMe and Trimble Outdoors.
Large, internal color display – 1,9″-inch screen, 176×220 pixels, 262k colors
Support for advanced walkie-talkie capabilities including Direct Send contacts and pictures.
Messaging services -send or receive multimedia and/or text and voice messages.
Front ported audio support – equipped with dual, frontal speakers

The i580 price is set to $279.99, after all available discounts and promotions.

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Customer Service

26, Jun 2006

Customer service is often at the heart of a business , and if a website isn’t up to the task of handling online inquiries, a client might simply be not interested in spending more time with them. This is what the FAST approach will aim to address.

The idea is to quickly and easily get to the point of getting to know the customer,businesses need to build customer relationships

While the customer service component of the FAST approach may appear to be fairly straightforward at first glance, it is actually quite challenging and complex in practice.

At first, FAST will seek to gain a basic understanding of the customer’s goals and wants. But to do so, you must be able to answer two questions: 1) what is the customer trying to achieve with the company, and 2) what type of person is this person likely to be? To answer the first question, FAST will ask a series of question designed to understand the customer’s personality, goals, personality traits and preferences.

The second question can be asked when the customer approaches you in a conversation or when a product or service is provided to the customer. At this point FAST needs to look for certain criteria that appear to have an impact on the customer’s life, such as: the importance of the individual, how the customer views their job role and the business, the frequency of the interaction, etc. It will then start to draw up a profile of the customer, as well as the features, potential risks and advantages of the product or service that you are providing to the customer.

4. Use customer profiling to understand customer’s needs, identify customer needs & then design the product or service that aligns with them

By understanding the customer’s needs and identifying what they are looking for you can design the product or service that best suits their needs. You also need to take into account all the different parts of the customer’s life, including personal, business and work life.

4.1. Use insights from customer profiling to design and test a product or service To make sure your product is a good fit for your customer, firstly you need to know what they need. This is called the user profile. The purpose of a user profile is to identify the users’ personal and work needs. You then need to test and improve the product or service to identify which areas are most important. What is important for a customer to be able to do on your product or service? This is why customer profiling is extremely important. It allows you to test the product for the most important functions.

Customer profiling helps you test how to do things.

In a market with high prices, and a huge selection of products and services, many companies struggle to sell to their customers. This is because their products or services are so similar to those of the competition. This leads to a very slow sales rate.

The challenge when you want to solve a problem in the market is that there is a lot of information to be collected. So, it is very common to use customer profiling to test your product and services.

Customer profiling helps you to test your product and services. In a market with high prices, and a huge selection of products and services, many companies struggle to sell to their customers. This is because their products or services are so similar to those of the competition. This leads to a very slow sales rate. The challenge when you want to solve a problem in the market is that there is a lot of information to be collected.

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