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You have hired the DJ and pressed the shirt and the party starts in one hour. But what’s this… no cufflinks! Party animals should never leave home without a set of our wallet emergency cufflinks which are designed to nestle in your wallet next to the platinum card.


They are very easy to use, just twist them out of the sheet and fold to lock the cuffs in place. Keep the spare pair of wallet emergency cufflinks for next time. These cufflinks are made form 0.25mm Stainless steel.

The price of the Emergency Wallet Cufflinks is $16.

Get some Emergency Wallet Cufflinks so you’ll always be prepared…


The perfect gift for every girl who loves to lounge around in sexy undies all day AND listen to her favorite music… Black lace panty with pink ribbon and removable pocket to hold iPod nano (money or other small personal items). Comes giftboxed and ready to give – or receive 😉

The price of the iGroove Panty for iPod nano is $12.95 (currently out of stock!)

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This necklace is made from recycled printed circuitboard, and it sure looks cooool! With the Round Circuitboard Necklace you will show your inner geek off to the world with a style, don’t you think so? Also a great gift for any dork, nerd or computer geek on your friends list, they’re eco-friendly too!

Each round pendant is 4cm in diameter and is made from 100% recycled motherboard from old computers and the adjustable length necklace is made from vege-friendly waxed cotton. So not only you’ll look cool with such necklace, but you’ll also help save the planet (in a way)… 😉

The price of the Round Circuitboard Necklace is $9.95

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