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Mop Slippers

11, Sep 2006


Aside from their fashionable design, these Mop Slippers also perform. Fashion and function. Mop the floor while you drag your feet around the house, grocery store or shopping mall. Classic mop shoe designs accessorize well with anything. This deal includes 2 pair (4 slippers), they are machine washable. Wearing those slippers will probably make the area of the floor around your PC the cleanest in the house… 😉

The price of the Mop Slippers is $12 for 2 pairs.

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Backwards Clock

6, Sep 2006


Go back in time, sort of. This clock runs BACKWARDS (counter-clockwise) without effecting the space/time continuum. Fun at the office or anywhere time seems to drag on. Clock face actually reads right when looking at it in a mirror. Quartz movement keeps excellent time. Clock uses a single AA size battery (not included).

The price of the Backwards Clock is $12

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Mini Pet Cactus

1, Sep 2006


Virtual pets are fun, but sometimes they can be a virtual pain in the virtual backside. You have to virtually feed them and virtually play with them. And yes, they virtually love you, but it’s just not the same as real love. But one has to admit, most virtual pets are easy to carry around, whereas most real pets either won’t fit in your pocket (like a dog) or wouldn’t survive in your pocket (like a trout). We have the solution: the Mini Pet Cactus.

The Mini Pet Cactus will love you unconditionally. All you have to do it is water it once a month for about a minute (instructions on packaging). Each cactus comes with a strap to attach to your jacket, cell phone, etc., so you can take it with you everywhere. Nothing says fun like talking to your cactus in a public place – until security asks you to leave, that is. Want to display your new pet at home or in the office? Try the Mini Pet Cactus Stand (sold separately). It has an adhesive back to attach to a wall, your monitor, your forehead, etc. The Mini Pet Cactus is waiting to be adopted… by you!

The price of the Mini Pet Cactus is $8.99

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