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LED Tagz

28, Aug 2006


These LED Tagz allow you to program up to 6 different messages 126 characters long using the buttons on the back of the Tagz. The messages can be set to scroll across the LED screen at different rates. Wear the LED Tagz around your neck either on top or below clothing and send out your message to the world. If your top is of a light material the message will keep on shining through. Great for Clubbing, find yourself the center of attention – bring out the true extrovert in you, be wild, be free!


Let the world know your thoughts, your mission in life, your mobile number or simply that you are on the pull… the possibilities are endless.

The price of a single LED Tagz is about $30.

If you are interested in buying LED Tagz you can do so here…


You have hired the DJ and pressed the shirt and the party starts in one hour. But what’s this… no cufflinks! Party animals should never leave home without a set of our wallet emergency cufflinks which are designed to nestle in your wallet next to the platinum card.


They are very easy to use, just twist them out of the sheet and fold to lock the cuffs in place. Keep the spare pair of wallet emergency cufflinks for next time. These cufflinks are made form 0.25mm Stainless steel.

The price of the Emergency Wallet Cufflinks is $16.

Get some Emergency Wallet Cufflinks so you’ll always be prepared…

You’ll always be prepared when wearing the 686 Rocker Stud Toolbelt, because it doesn’t only hold your pants in place… This belt comes with all the standard tools you will need to be always prepared for everything. It comes with detachable double prongs with #2 philips and #2 flat head screwdriver, detachable loop with 8mm, 10mm and 1mm wrenches made from steel. The buckle comes with a bottle opener and the belt itself is made form waterproof leather. So now you can be always prepared to repair everything, prepared with style 😉

The price of the 686 Rocker Stud Toolbelt is about $50.

Visit 686’s Men Belt Collection for Fall 2006…