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HTTP Message Thongs

1, Sep 2006


You can bring some HTTP-communication to your real-life with these thongs. They are made of 92% cotton and 8% elastane. The sizes correspond to the following European sizes: S – 36, M – 38, L – 40, XL – 42. And the HTTP messages surely make a nice addition to them, you are definitely going to start getting some interesting responses when wearing them… 😛

The price of a single HTTP Message Thong is about $18.

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Cool looking lightweight, collapsible cardboard speakers that you can carry with you and fold away when they are not in use. Plug them into the headphone socket of your personal stereo to enjoy the sound out loud, there is no need of additional power. The size of the cardboard speakers is 8 x 8.5 x 8 cm.

The price of the Muji Cardboard Speakers is $35.

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IDE Cable Belt

29, Aug 2006


Are you geek enough to wear a belt that is made out of a real ribbon cable as it is used for IDE cables in nearly all PCs? If you are then the IDE Cable Belt is definitely a great idea for you… The belt is 2,5cm wide and comes in one standard length, but you can easily shorten it if you need to. The replacement if anything goes wrong with the ribbon cable is also very easy, you’ll just have to get a new IDE cable 🙂

The price of the IDE Cable Belt is about 30$

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