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Retro Skype Phone

21, Jul 2006


Just because we’re so ludicrously smart and ahead of our own evolution by inventing things like Skype calls over the internet, doesn’t mean that we all have to sport microscopic handsets that are impractical and easy to swallow by mistake, or annoying headsets! BoysStuff introduces back to basics with the good old retro style telephone handset that plugs directly into your computer for VoIP calls from the Internet! Just plug the 3.5mm jack into the audio out or Microphone in plug on your laptop or notebook and you’re all set to make a very funky phone call. It might look overly ridiculous plugged into your sleek computer, but that’s what we like about it! Yeh baby!

The price of the Retro Skype Phone is ?’??34.95 (or about $65).

To order one of those classic retro Skype phones…

Sega Toys’s Mu-Bot

17, Jul 2006


Sega Toys and Avex Entertainment presented a new cute earphone accessory “Mu-Bot” designed for iPods and MP3 Players at 2006 Tokyo Toy Show. The cute Mu-Bot’s hands are actually retractable ear phones that you can get out when you listen and put them back “as hands” of the Mu-Bot when you are not listening music. So basically Mu-Bot is something like a pair of ear phones and no fancy lights or moves like the iDog for instance… although it seems pretty simple accessory this time, it still looks cool 😉


But will this turn out to be the successor of iDog and iFish and the new hot Christmas gift this year? The Mu-Bot is scheduled for a release in December this year or early in 2007 if it is delayed for some reason.

When released later this year the price should be something like 2,500 Yen or somewhere about $21.

More information is available on Sega Toys’ website (in Japanese)


The USB Paper Shredder and Letter Opener might prove to be a quite useful thing to have on your desk. It is great for shredding bank receipt, credit card receipt, post-it notes, name card and documents and so on of up to A6 size (half on A4). Just don’t use it to destroy those “Confidential” or “Top Secret” documents… 😉


The thing looks pretty small, and you’ll probably have to empty the shredded documents often (if you use it more often), but this way it won’t take much space on your desk and it is a good to have one of those shredders handy when needed. Although I said USB mini Paper Shredder in the title, the shredder can be powered by the USB port or with 4 standard 1,5-volt AA batteries, or with other words a PC is not required to use the shredder.

Features & Specification:
– Throat: 123mm
– Shred A6 documents (an A4 sheet folded in two).
– Shredded paper width: 3.5mm
– Shredding capacity: 2 sheets
– Container capacity: 1.6L
– On / Off / Reverse switch.
– USB powered or 4 “AA” batteries.
– Size: 16 x 12 x 14cm
– Weight: 661g
– Cable length: 110cm

The price of the USB mini Paper Shredder is $32 and it should be available in mid july

You can get USB mini Paper Shredder here