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This is the world’s most elegant and trendy toilet paper. Why waste your time with so-last-season-two-ply-white when you can treat your cellulite-free-gym-toned toosh with stylish black?

They already use this Trendy Black Toilet Paper in the bathrooms of the hottest restaurants and hotels in New York, Madrid, Paris and Milan. This is Fashionable, Sensual, Sophisticated, Fun, and Unique 😉

The Black Toilet Paper is being sold in six-pack with a price of $15.

If you want to order yourself some Renova Black Toilet Paper…

Bacon Wallet

24, Aug 2006


Put some meat into your pocket with one of these intriguing bacon wallets. You thought people looked at you weird before? Wait until you see the looks you get from pulling a wad of bacon out of your jeans. And of course these aren’t made from a real bacon, it is just that the leather is made to look just like it is bacon… just don’t try eating it, OK? 😉

Each 4-1/4″ x 3-3/4″ faux leather wallet has plenty of pockets for your cold hard cash and credit cards. Yes – they are gross looking. But… you know that is the perfect gift for that weirdo in your life.

The price of the Bacon Wallet is $7.99

If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of these…

USB Missile Launcher

7, Aug 2006


Defend your office against intruders! With this USB Missile Launcher you can target your colleagues at work, and bombard them with missiles throughout the day – without even looking away from your screen!

The Launcher is powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included) but is completely controlled from your PC via a USB port. Once you’re connected you’ll be able to rotate the base of the launcher 360 degrees, giving you complete control over the direction your missiles will travel. Users will also be able to adjust the trajectory of the missile flight from their computer screen and are thus able to alter the distance each missile will travel!

Once installed on your PC or Laptop a radar screen will appear on your screen from which the launcher is controlled. Either click the mouse on the direction tabs, or simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard to adjust the direction and height that each missile will be launched at! The Missile Launcher will also generate an incredible noise through your computer’s speakers, when firing.

The ultimate desktop toy that is guaranteed to cause a riot in any office!

The price of the USB Missile Launcher is about $57.

If you are interested in getting one of those cool USB Missile Launchers…

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