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Visual Subst

29, Aug 2006


This is a small tool which allows you to associate the most accessed directories with virtual drives. It uses the same API like console “subst” utility, but makes it easier to create and remove virtual drives from a convenient and user friendly graphical interface.

Generally, a virtual drive is just a symbolic link in the Local MS-DOS Device namespace. It is one more of Windows features being added for backward compatibility with old programs. So virtual drives are objects of the operating system, and Visual Subst just can create, enumerate and delete these objects. All local MS-DOS device names are removed when the user is logging off. To handle this issue, Visual Subst saves the list of virtual drives into an INI-file and can load them the next time.

This program is free and runs only on Windows 2000/XP and newer operating systems.

Download Visual Subst software… (less than 100 KB)


Create breathtakingly realistic 3D landscapes and animations with DAZ Bryce 5. Striking an optimum balance between power and ease of use, this innovative software is an ideal way to integrate 3D technology into your creative process. Smooth network rendering saves valuable time by letting you render images on multiple computers. The Light Lab gives you robust control over lighting direction, and the Tree Lab ensures a more accurate depiction of real-world environments. Plus, an intuitive user interface simplifies the design process.


At the moment the latest version of DAZ Bryce is 5.5 and 6.0 seems to be coming soon, which is probably the cause of this promotion to release version 5.0 for free download… 😉

You can download Bryce 5.0 for free until September 6, so don’t wait any longer! The offer is available for both PC and Mac versions of Bryce.

Download Bryce 5.0 for PC Absolutely Free… (about 24 MB)
Download Bryce 5.0 for MAC Absolutely Free… (about 20 MB)

GOM Media Player

15, Aug 2006


This Korean freeware media player grabbed my attention because of its simplicity of installation and use, packing at the same time more than enough features. It works like a charm for all the novice users, but also offers a lot of advanced features for advanced users (almost everything that Media Player Classic has and even a few additional options).

The best part is that GOM Player supports most of the codecs (AVI, DAT, MPEG, DivX and lots more) by its own embedded codec system, so you don’t have to look for appropriate codecs every time when you can’t play a certain video format or install any codec before or after the player is installed. Of course if you need to play some very exotic file format you’ll have to install the appropriate codec for it.

Another cool part in this player is the ability to play broken or incomplete AVI video files. Or in other words you can preview the downloaded part of a file and not have to wait for it to be completed in order to see it, or if the download stops for some reason you can preview the completed part before deciding to restart the download.

If you are into High Definition videos, the GOM Player can help you a lot, because it has one of the best playback of HD video… better than the one Media Player Classic has and most of the other video players!

And there is a lot more in the GOM Player, but you better try it and see for yourself…

To download GOM Media Player (about 4 MB)…