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Another weird Japanese design for a USB flash drive. This time it is in the form of a glowing in the dark squid, that actually looks pretty interesting. The only drawback is the capacity of only 512MB, but it is the design that matter, not the capacity… 😉


The 512MB iSquid USB flash drive is priced at about $82.

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A union of art and technology, limited-edition Mimobots are USB flash drives that transport data – music files, pictures, presentations, documents, etc. – with fun and style. The size of these Corrupted Data / Hero mimobots is 512MB, they are USB 2.0 compatible and are Windows, and Mac compatible. The body of the flash drives is made from durable ABS plastic.

The price of these 512MB USB flash drives is $75.

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Corsair Flash Readout USB drives are designed with user friendliness in mind. Each Flash Readout USB drive has a built in BCD display to show capacity used, free capacity and a personal ID/label.

These flash drives use a special Bi-stable Cholesteric Display (BCD) that retains and displays this information for up to one year without the need of electricity. The display shows a 11 character alphanumeric label, that can be personalized to help you identify the contents of the drive. You just need to the label of your Corsair Flash Readout USB drive so you always know what it holds. Free storage capacity is also shown on the display with a 4 digits and used space is indicated by a pie chart.


Flash Readout drives are High Speed USB 2.0 and backwards compatible with USB 1.1. The package includes a USB extension cable, lanyard and mini CD with drivers and instructions.

Corsair is claiming that the Readout drives achieve read and write speeds of 20MB/s and 7MB/s respectively, which is pretty close to the real results of the flash drive. The actual speeds I’ve achieved are about 17,8 MB/s when reading data form the flash and 8,6 MB/s when writing to it.

Corsair Readout drives are available in 1GB capacity for about $40 and 2GB model with price of about $60.

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