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These are the Holiday Window Candles you’ve been waiting for: no more extension cords, no moving furniture to find an outlet, no more fire fears, no dusk and dawn turn-ons and turn-offs.

Our Golden-finish Battery Operated Candlesticks take all the hassles out of decorating windows with candlesticks. Instead of the usual incandescent bulbs found in the models of yesteryear, ours use very efficient LEDs which use less energy so the batteries last the entire holiday season.

You can also choose to have the bulb shine steadily or flicker like a real flame. A photo-sensor turns the candlesticks on at dusk and off at dawn. The Single Tier runs on two “C” batteries and the Triple Tier runs on three “D” batteries (not included).

The price of a single tier is $14.95, and for tripple is $24,95

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Mini Dome Dummy Camera

19, Aug 2006


Want to add security to your home or business without the expense of a full security system? Create the appearance of a surveillance system in your home or business with the Mini Dome Dummy Camera, a ceiling-mounted doppelganger for a heavy-duty surveillance unit. Just looks like the real thing, but actually doesn’t do a thing… 😉

The price of the Mini Dome Dummy Camera is $19.99

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