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Have you ever put your life at risk by driving when overly tired? It’s hard to avoid sometimes, after long days at work or drives over long distances, but the Drive Alert Master can protect you from the possible tragedy involved in falling asleep behind the wheel. At the first sign of drowsiness, the Drive Alert Master will jolt your senses with a loud beep.


By hooking the Drive Alert Master behind your ear, you’ll have some extra protection from falling asleep on the highway. Flip the switch to ON and place the device behind your ear. The sensitivity is adjustable from 15 to 30 degrees. If your head begins to nod, the Drive Alert Master will emit a powerful beep to awaken you; the sound will not terminate until your head is upright again.

Drive Alert’s ergonomic design and padded exterior make it comfortable to wear. It’s also easy to use and operates on low battery power; a battery is included with the unit. You can even wear your Drive Alert Master when watching movies at home, during early morning classes, or while attending all-day meetings. Your neighbors might thank you!

The price of the Drive Alert Master is $14.99.

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